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Financial support

There are many scholarships and grants available (in French) for students. The options and eligibility requirements are outlined below. For many of the scholarships, the Department pre-screens candidates. You will be informed through your address if you have been awarded a scholarship.

This page gives a brief overview of the scholarships available. Check the News page (in French), the home page and your e-mail inbox* for the latest announcements. Make sure you have room in your inbox and empty it regularly. If you reach your quota, the server blocks any more messages, meaning that you won't hear about department scholarships and news (or news from your student association).

*If you redirect your e-mail to an external address (Hotmail, Gmail, etc.), you are limited only by the quota applicable to that service.


The Department of Biological Sciences guarantees financial support for its graduate students, with $13,000 at the master's level and $15,000 at the PhD level.

Please note that information (conditions, deadline, forms, etc.) regarding the scholarships and grants listed below, as well as the equivalent for the undergraduate level, can be found on the Departement's Financial support French page.

Department of Biological Sciences scholarships

  • Biological Sciences Scholarship Fund (FBSB) - Graduate levels ($1,500 to $2,000)
  • Étienne Magnin Scholarship Fund (offered every 2 years) - PhD level ($5,000)
  • Joseph P. Laberge Scholarship Fund - Graduate levels ($1,000)
  • Joseph Arthur Paulhus Fund - Graduate levels ($1,500)
  • Marie Victorin Fund - Graduate levels ($3,000)

Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (FESP) scholarships

  • FESP fast-track master's to PhD scholarships - Master's level ($7,000, renewable once)
  • Merit scholarships - Graduate levels ($1,000 to $2,000)
  • FESP entrance scholarships - Graduate levels (variable amounts)

Faculty of Arts and Science scholarships

  • Alma Mater scholarships - Graduate levels ($5,000)
  • Georges Baril scholarships - Master's level ($4,000)

Scholarships from granting agencies

  • NSERC scholarships - Graduate levels (variable amounts)
  • FQRNT scholarships - Graduate levels (variable amounts)
  • Mine of Knowledge scholarships - Graduate levels (up to $20,000)

If you are a master's or doctoral student, you may finance your studies by taking on a position as a teaching or research assistant or a lecturer.

Under the collective agreement between the Université de Montréal and the Syndicat des étudiant(e)s salarié(e)s de l'UdeM (SESUM), eligible students must apply for positions posted by the Department.

Teaching assistant

A teaching assistant (TA) is a Université de Montréal student, full time at the undergraduate or graduate level, who assists a professor or lecturer in supporting and supervising students.

TAs invigilate exams, correct assignments and exams, provide help with documentation, monitor students, perform demonstrations, assist or supervise interns, supervise assignments and lead seminars.

Research assistant

A research assistant is a Université de Montréal student, full time at the undergraduate level or, generally, full time at the graduate level, hired to assist professors, researchers and units with research work.


A person hired part-time by the University to deliver class lectures. Duties include preparing and teaching courses, updating course content, preparing teaching materials, and evaluating students' performance.

Working and studying

Students also have access to an employment assistance service (in French). Find out more about job offers relevant to your field of study, potential employers and the tools you need to search for a job that meets your needs.