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Our undergraduate programs

Are you interested in the workings of living organisms, from microscopic cells to the biosphere? Concerned about the environmental problems facing our planet? Passionate about the phenomenon of disappearing species?

Our biological sciences programs will help you understand many different aspects of life on Earth. They'll give you the tools to help ensure a sustainable environment for future generations.

The Université de Montréal also offers a bachelor's degree in teaching science and technology at the secondary school level. Ask about it!

The Department of Biological Science offers the following programs:

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Job outlook

Most biologists work in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and environmental sectors, where we are seeing major advances in the biological sciences. For instance, they may be employed by:

  • Government departments and services
  • Hospitals
  • Research and analysis laboratories
  • Municipalities
  • Pharmaceutical, food, agricultural, forestry and mining companies
  • Consulting firms
  • Nature centres
  • Zoos and botanical gardens
  • Parks and nature reserves

They plan and carry out laboratory and field studies to manage natural resources and develop new practices and products. They also work in such areas as:

  • Quality control
  • Sales
  • Scientific communication
  • Teaching biology at the college or university level (calls for a master's or doctoral degree)

Since many jobs require a certain degree of specialization, many people with a bachelor's degree in biological sciences pursue graduate studies.