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/ Department of Biological Sciences

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The Department of Biological Sciences plays an important social role. It trains highly qualified scientists and responsible citizens, and contributes to the advancement of knowledge through its cutting-edge research. It also supports student researchers in a multidisciplinary context where they can study and understand all aspects of animal, plant and microbial life, from molecules to ecosystems, and work to ensure a sustainable environment for future generations.


The Department will maintain its regional, national and international reputation through excellence in research and innovative, multidisciplinary teaching. It will be a world leader in selected fields.


  • Excellence
  • Student success
  • Collaboration and interdisciplinarity
  • Innovation
  • Civic responsibility


Our faculty has been recognized for excellence in research and teaching. Our professors and researchers are devoted to furthering and sharing advances in their respective fields.

A stimulating scientific environment

The Department boasts a number of nationally and internationally recognized facilities with renowned faculty support and supervision:

  • Mechanisms of cellular development
  • Biodiversity of flowering plants
  • Ecology and management of ecosystems
  • Aquatic ecology
  • Terrestrial ecology
  • Ecotoxicology
  • Meteorology
  • Conservation and digitization of biological collections
  • Biodiversity research and training
According to the US News, the Université de Montréal ranks 74th in the world in molecular biology and genetics.