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Graduate programs

Master's and PhD programs in biological sciences prepare you for a career in science or in postsecondary teaching in biology.

This is your chance to master all aspects of scientific methodology and develop your research skills and methodology in your field of interest.

Job outlook

The vast majority of jobs available require a certain degree of specialization, so many people with a bachelor's degree in biological sciences pursue graduate studies. A master's degree opens the door to jobs in:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotechnology
  • Environmental sciences and
  • Eifferent sectors witnessing major developments in biological sciences

Biologists may be employed by:

  • Government departments and services
  • Hospitals
  • Research and analysis laboratories
  • Municipalities
  • Consulting firms
  • Pharmaceutical, food, agricultural, forestry and mining companies
  • Nature centres
  • Zoos and botanical gardens
  • Parks and nature reserves

They plan and carry out laboratory and field studies to manage natural resources and develop new practices and products. They also work in such areas as quality control, sales and scientific communication.

A master's or doctoral degree also opens the door to teaching positions in biology at the college or university level.

If you hold a bachelor's in biological sciences and would like to teach science and technology at the secondary school level, you may be interested in the Master of Education program, secondary school teaching option.