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Angers, Annie

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Angers, Annie

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L’activation de récepteurs à la surface cellulaire par leur ligand résulte souvent en l’internalisation du récepteur par endocytose. Ce mécanisme influence à la fois qualitativement et quantitativement les voies de signalisation des récepteurs. Notre laboratoire s’intéresse à la modulation de ce phénomène à l’échelle cellulaire et moléculaire.

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In order to live inside a multicellular organism, each cell that composes our bodies must be sensitive to signals coming from neighboring cells as well as from their immediate surroundings, which is often the blood stream. The sensitivity of a given cell to its surrounding is tightly regulated through the number of receptor molecules a cell exposes to its surface. This is particularly true of nerve cells, which can modulate the strength of their response to a given signal by altering the number of receptor they express for that signal, but happens at the surface of any cell.

Deciphering the molecular mechanisms controlling the level of surface receptors of cells is holding the promise that we could some day directly interfere in the process, repairing cells abnormally responding to signals, such as cancer cells oversensitive to growth clues. Ubiquitination is a molecular signal that can be used by a cell to direct removal from the surface of a particular receptor molecule. This research program focuses on proteins controlling ubiquitination, and on their use by the cell to adapt their response to changing conditions.

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